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Manufacturing Facility

We have a fully equipped state of the art Switchgear production facility, spread across 26,500 Sq feet (Sharjah) and 2,500 Sq feet (Dubai) with designated sections for Power and Control assembly. The facility is installed with pneumatic tools, bus bar bending, punching machines and automated hydraulic machines for cutting, bending and punching operations. An area has been exclusively designated for quality control with a stringent Quality Assurance System in place. The testing team is well trained and equipped with Primary and Secondary injection kits, insulation test (Megger), High voltage tester, Milli-volt drop tester, ACB test kit, Harmonic Analyzer etc… so as to cater to any testing requirements of the project. Stringent adherence to the statutory and regulatory requirements within the Organization and its vendors, have been implemented in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Regular internal audits are conducted as a part of our Quality Control Program. Information on the latest product launches, corresponding technical information and trainings are provided from time to time.

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