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Schneider Enclosure System

The Prisma TT functional system can be used for all types of low-voltage distribution switchboards and motor control centers up to 4000A, in buildings and industrial environments. The switchboard is made up of a single framework combined side-by-side, on which complete selection of cover panels and doors can be mounted. Horizontal busbars or vertical busbars positioned in a lateral compartment or at the rear of the cubicle are used to distribute electricity throughout the switchboard. Each device is part of a functional unit comprising of a dedicated mounting plate for device installation, a partial door and Busbar connections. Each functional unit contributes to a function in the switchboard. The functional units are modular and are arranged rationally, one on top of another, within the enclosure. The system includes everything required for functional unit mounting, supply and on-site connection. The components of the Prisma TT system and those of the functional units in particular have been designed and tested taking into account device characteristics. This design approach ensures a high degree of reliability in system operation and optimum safety of personnel.

Standards Type Tested Assemblies IEC 61439 – 1&2
Rated insulation voltage, Ui Up to 1000V
Rated operating voltage, Ue Up to 1000v
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated current, In Up to 4000A
Short-time withstand current, Icw 85kArms / 1s Upto 3200A, 100kA rms/1s for 4000A
Peak withstand current, Ipk 187kA / 220kA
Degree of protection IP54 as per ICE 60529
Internal Arc Withstand 50kA/0.4sec As per IEC 61641-Ed.3
Basics Frames 500,650,800 & 1200mm wide
Add on Ducts 400mm wide
Height 2000mm Standard
Depth 600 and 1000mm
Paint Shade RAL 7032/RAL 9002

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